Kings Court Vacancies for Ladies, earn good daily cash money without having sex! The largest erotic adult massage place in NSW, a $9 cab ride from the Sydney CBD. We guarantee that you'll leave with a SMILE on your face and a WOBBLE in your knees! Call in and see our sexy sweet soon - you won't be disappointed.

Testimonials from our happy customers
 Excellent Service!!! I wanted to say a thank you to Angelina, Ruby and Cleo. In the last 3 months I have seen all 3 of these beautiful women and was amazed at their professionalism. Their manners are impeccable. Please pass my sincerest thanks and gratitude to all 3 girls. I'm hoping my next visit I can do a double. 
 The massage seemed to go on and on and on... finally I got the Kings Court 'leg wobble', she was so attentive and not rushed. 
 ...and finally the oh so erotic massage with hot oil, 'medium'... breast massage of the pointy bits and a Millenium Fireworks finish, geez, I thought I was going to die!!! 
 Next time I will get both ladies in the room with me. Better call the Ambulance ha haaa... No sex is definately sooooo erotic. 
 If I was not currently 2,000 km away, I would be there tonight! 
 Wow... I still have a smile on my face this evening after having had a session at your place this morning. 
 My whole energy shifted after this experience and the rest of my day flowed effortlessly. What a gift. 
 You are correct in saying that going to Kings Court can be habit forming! 
 I came from china, I am afraid that I have a trouble communicating with the ladies, what should I do... Ans: Look at two words in your dictionary: Clean and Friendly – you will enjoy! 
 Your services and attitude were everything that you put on your website - and more! 
 As always you make me feel welcome and I appreciate that. Pass on my thanks to Mariella 
 I really enjoyed my time with her. There was no body slide but that doesn't detract from a great time. 
 I just had a great time with Fiona. She is a very natural genuine girl and a delight to spend my first time with. 
 The 'Ten Tips Thing?' I dont believe it is too hard, lets face it men will be men... well some men will be some men anyway. 
 I was quite nervous at first. it is a great establishment, and i think the 'no sex' policy really does bring a nicer kind of girl to work for you. 
 I can't believe there is anyone really called Big John. Probably you're an algorithm - but the world would probably be a better place for more 'Big Johns' in it. 
 I get a real kick out of things that are well run. King's Court is, as far as I can see, run well. 
 Never in a million years did I ever think I would be sending an email to King's Court. Thank you for a great time I will come back. 
 What an amazing experience. Ideal and luxurious. I enjoyed every moment of beautiful women, spas, massages, etc 
 My visit last Monday was absolutely brilliant. I skipped through the rest of my day with a smile on my face. 
 Hi, I really really enjoyed my first experience at King's Court. Keep up the good work! 
 She did look and behave very 'innocent' almost to the point of 'untouchable'. Yes, innocent ladies like her do have a higher value of attractiveness. 
 The girl who accompanied me, was the nicest person I have ever come across. 
 I am normally quite shy and nervous around women but she put me at ease and I really felt the tension slip away. 
 She is truly an Aphrodite and i wish to express my thanx and endearment of her time. 
 I just want to say that I had a wonderful time, first class service! 
 I think next time I will get both ladies in the room with me together. Better call the Ambulance ha haaa... 
 I've been with many women but never like this... 
 As always you make me feel welcome and I appreciate that. 
 What an amazing experience. Ideal and luxurious. I enjoyed every moment of beautiful women, spas, massages, etc. 
 Great time!!! We are coming back again on Sunday night! 
 ...the oh so erotic massage with hot oil and breast massage with the pointy bits... 
 The 1 hour and 25 mins with her is something I will never forget. 

Kings Court Erotic Massage, Hottest Sexy Girls in Sydney

Kings Court Erotic Massage: The best Sensual Massage place in the World where the erotic adult massage is done by a girl-next-door masseuse. The only place to have twenty two massage rooms and eleven hot tubs, spas, and bubble baths. Wall to wall hottest sexy girls, pool tables and luxurious leather lounges. Have a coffee and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Girls are mostly Aussies, New Zealanders and Europeans with the odd Asian and occasionally some girls from the Americas and Africa.

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Kings Court Vacancies for Ladies

Kings Court Erotic Massage, Hottest Sexy Girls in Sydney

Girls from 18 to 33 earn good cash money at the famous King's Court Massage - without having sex!
Here are some of the things our girls have said about working with us.

 The clients at Kings Court are better, drinks are free for the girls, and managers are polite and discreet when arranging the bookings. It's a good idea to charge entry fee after 9pm as there are no time wasters. 


 Best thing for me is I learned how to control men and it is good to have other girls to talk out problems with. It's like a happy family. 


 How's this, I started here last week and I'm already calling in sick days at my other job because I like this one better! 


 I was surprised at how the whole situation ran. Within a couple of days I was making money. It's almost like a family situation here. All straight forward, nothing hidden and the men are informed and easy to deal with. Came in talked to John and everyone was friendly from the word go - and still are. 


 It's better than waitressing because I'm more appreciated here. 


 I bought a car and started a TAFE course and got myself set up with my own place to live. 


 I heard about this place from another traveller. I have been able to travel all over Australia and New Zealand by making money back here. 


 I started two years ago to get money for my kids for christmas and I'm still here, it's great. 


 The men we meet at Kings Court are not what we expected, they are friendly and polite. 


 If I'd known about this place five years ago, I could have kept my house after the divorce. 


 It's good there are no bonds and you can stay home if you are sick. The shift end at 1am is good during the week, if you have another job and it's good on the weekends to have 24 hrs to make more money by staying longer. The limited touching by clients is very good. 


 I have never worn make-up. The girls are good, they showed me how! 


 I was surprised to see how easy it was to make good money. 


Working at Kings Court

You can work in the day or in the evenings, and shifts can be arranged around other things you may have to do.

Adult Massage is very easy to learn and even when you are new, the customers give you a chance to learn while you make money.

You are paid cash daily, and it is the most you can make without being a "bad" girl.

Interested? Why not read our "Ten Tips to Guarantee a Great Massage at King's Court"? It will give you an idea about our attitude and how we expect our clients to treat our ladies.

Some Info About the Place

Established since 1990, Kings Court prides itself on being Sydney's most popular massage venue. Our premises are decorated in a warm Victorian style with pool tables and luxurious chesterfield lounges. We invite you to join in all the fun and become a Kings Court masseuse. Training is available in house for all beginners. Massage is harmless fun, and we do not provide sex as part of the service.

Other Girls: They are an average age of about 23 years and may have only experienced a few boyfriends. They are very friendly and none are drug affected. Our girls usually have a lot of fun, and enjoy each others company.

Clients: Our clients are younger than other places because our marketing is aimed at a younger age group, in magazines and on the Internet. Most are 26 to 38 years and well mannered.

Managers: They are friendly and understanding. They know how to introduce you to the clients and are always happy to help.

Learning: We will get one of the other girls to teach you how to massage. It only takes you about an hour to get to know the basics. Then we let you loose on a client, and you begin to make money right away.

Money: Good money, paid daily. No Sex - Just massage and a hand job! The most you can make without being a "bad" girl!

Hours: We are open 7 days, 9am til 1am and 24 hours on Friday and Saturday. This means your hours can be as flexible as you like. We are happy to have you part time as well, which suits busy ladies. Day shifts can start at 9, 10 or 11 am and most evening shifts around 5, 6 or 7 pm.

Why not satisfy your curiosity, and come and have a look for yourself? There is no obligation to start with us if you feel uncomfortable, but we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

So, give us a call on 02 9660 0666 today or just drop in for a coffee and a chat.

Front entrance: 261 Parramatta Rd, Glebe, NSW 2037.

GPS plotting? Go to 18 Grose Street, Glebe, NSW 2037 (Red Neon)

Free parking in the Broadway shops near our discreet rear entry at 18 Grose St, Glebe, NSW 2037. We're just along from Central Rail near the Broadway Shopping Complex. Any bus starts with four brings you right to the door.